15 Incredible Outdoor Custom Decks To Get You Inspired

By Zach

A deck is a great place to relax, grill out, and enjoy a cold drink with some friends. Having a custom deck is a great way to have all of that and be the envy of your friends and neighbors. 

Custom decks can be the capstone of your outdoor living oasis, or it can be the first step you take into expanding your outdoor retreat. Either way, it can be difficult to come up with unique ideas to customize your deck, so we put together 15 incredible outdoor custom decks to help inspire you (with tips and tricks you can incorporate). 

No matter your budget, you can take away good ideas from each of these for creating your own custom deck that will be the talk of the town.

outdoor covered patio with matching couches and ottomans for custom decks

Custom Deck Idea 1: Mix and Match Complimentary Colors

An easy way to customize your deck is to mix and match colors to create beautiful contrast that can turn ordinary into extraordinary

If you are doing a treated wood deck, you can get this look by using different color stains. If you are going the composite route you can pick different colors

Changing up the colors is an easy way to create a custom deck and not break your budget. 

wrap around porch with table and chairs

Custom Deck Idea 2: Use Multiple Width Boards to Stand Out

Multi width decking is a great way to take simple and turn it into custom. 

Even if you are working with a small space, using these multi width deck boards from Timbertech allows you to turn your simple deck into a custom deck that everyone will want to be on. 

patio with open space for custom decks

Custom Deck Idea 3: Use a Custom Decking Pattern for Striking Results

Custom decks don’t have to be in fancy shapes or use elaborate features. Another way you can achieve a custom result is to use a unique pattern for your decking

Take this rectangular deck for example. It uses a herringbone pattern of Ipe and Garapa to turn a simple rectangle into an eye catching pattern

light up luxury home outdoor backyard deck

Custom Deck Idea 4: Use the Space Underneath Your Deck (If You Can)

If your deck is high enough, don’t forget about the space underneath. You can turn that into a custom outdoor space as well! 

There are plenty of products that allow you to keep water from falling through your deck above. Products such as Trex RainEscape keep the area dry and divert water away. 

From there it is totally up to your imagination. Another deck, a patio, or maybe even a screened in porch!

backyard deck with patio furniture

Custom Deck Idea 5: Use Bench Seating and Decking to Add Space and Hide Underneath

Even if you have a rectangular deck, you can give it a custom look by using decking to cover underneath your deck. 

Lattice is a standard way to hide underneath your deck. However, you can use the decking to give it a more modern look and make it custom. 

Also, if you are low to the ground, trade out the railing for bench seating! It will give you more space to sit and it gives you crisp, bold lines around the edge of your deck. 

covered porch featuring table and chairs with umbrella

Custom Deck Idea 6: Offset Seating Areas to Define Your Space

A visually appealing way you can customize your deck is to create a bump out on one corner, like in the photo above. Then, you can add a border around that area with a contrasting color to make it pop! 

Use this to create a destination. It can be a dining table or a sectional sofa with a fire pit. Either way, it is a simple change that makes your deck feel like a custom design. 

hybrid covered porch and deck with mowed yard

Custom Deck Idea 7: Build Your Deck at Multiple Levels

A deck with multiple heights can be a great way to add some custom deck design into your project. It can serve as a way to differentiate two or more spaces as well as not make it feel like one giant rectangle. 

You can use one space for dining and the other for an entertainment area. Or, if your space allows, you can screen in one section and leave the other open. 

You can even use a retractable screen like on the custom deck above to separate or connect your two spaces as you wish!

couch and stone rectangular fire-pit

Custom Deck Idea 8: Add a Fire Pit or Fireplace

Customizing your deck can also be done with what you put on it. Fire pits are an easy way to add customization to your deck and make it your own

Fire Pits add a nice warm place to sit around with friends and family and can customize the experience of your deck. You can even get them with natural gas or propane, like this one.

exterior overview of outdoor wooden deck

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Custom Deck Idea 9: Build It for a Hot Tub

Take a look at this custom deck idea. It has a built in section to hold a sunken hot tub!

Whether you are putting a hot tub on top, or creating a design that holds a sunken hot tub, designing your deck around other features is a great way to customize it. 

exterior overview of outdoor plastic deck

Custom Deck Idea 10: Customize with Low Maintenance Materials

The materials you choose are also a great way to customize your deck. Not only can they make your deck stand out from the rest, they can make your deck enjoyable for years to come. 

Composite and PVC decking materials come in many colors which can give you a look that works with your home. There are also plenty of aluminum and composite rail options to mix and match to customize your design. 

And a secret benefit of choosing these materials, you are also customizing how you enjoy your deck. You won’t be spending a weekend every year staining it, or worrying about splinter. You will get to enjoy every minute being on your deck, not taking care of it. 

exterior overview of outdoor concrete and metal deck

Custom Deck Idea 11: Cable Railing to Open Your View

Cable railing has become wildly popular in custom deck design. It has a sleek, modern look that also opens up the view off of your deck. 

It comes with an above average price tag, but it definitely turns your deck into a custom design that everyone will be talking about. 

exterior overview of outdoor grey stone deck

Custom Deck Idea 12: Leverage Your Rail

Sometimes customizing your deck can be as simple as adding onto a required portion.

Take this deck for example. Instead of doing a simple rail, they added a bar top onto a part of it. Now they have an area to enjoy their view, sip on a cool drink, and watch the sun set. 

two chairs and grill on wooden deck

Custom Deck Idea 13: Add a Little Privacy

Sometimes the best way to customize your deck isn’t about the deck, it is about how you get to enjoy it. Adding a privacy wall is a custom way to make your deck more enjoyable.

Take this deck for example, they added a privacy wall to block off the view to the side of the house with the AC unit. It is visually appealing and keeps unwanted views away from your place of relaxation. 

light up stairs leading up to wooden deck at night

Custom Deck Idea 14: Light Up Your Unique Space

Deck lights are a beautiful way to add character and uniqueness to your deck. 

Deck lights can be added when you build your deck, or after the fact if you are looking to customize later. They also are a great way to extend the time you get to enjoy your deck into the evening so you can keep the good times rolling. 

outdoor property overview with pool, covered porch, and stairs for custom decks

Custom Deck Idea 15: Incorporate Your Deck Into Your Total Outdoor Living Space

As you customize your deck, keep your total outdoor living space dream in mind

Some outdoor space dream projects take days to build. Some take years! Both are fine, but keep your total vision in mind so as you customize your project along the way, it all comes together in the end to a place you spend all your free time. 

Hopefully these custom deck design and ideas help inspire you to create a custom deck of your own. From simple changes to unique elements, you can take your space from ordinary to customized extraordinary! 

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