Deck vs Patio For Your North Carolina Home

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When considering the best outdoor living options for your North Carolina home, it can be difficult to choose between a deck and a patio.

Both offer unique benefits to suit different needs.

Decks are typically made of wood and can extend off the back or side of your home.

On the other hand, patios are often “hardscapes” made of stones or pavers that lay directly on the ground.

Both decks and patios have their benefits and drawbacks.

So it’s important to weigh them carefully before making a choice.

And there are some factors to consider when deciding between a deck or patio.

Ultimately, they’re both great.

So it can be hard to make a choice.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

Let’s go over some of the differences and details.

deck vs patio

First, Think About The Terrain of Your Yard

If you have uneven ground or slopes, building a patio may require significant excavation and leveling work.

A deck can be built above ground level and easily adapted to the contours of your yard.

To construct a patio, you’ll likely need to excavate and even out the ground somehow before you start.

Additionally, if you have trees that you want to preserve, a deck may be the better option as it won’t disrupt roots in the same way that excavating for a patio would.

On the other hand, if your yard is already fairly level, then building a patio directly on the ground might be easier and more cost-effective.

Another factor to consider is maintenance.

A wooden deck requires regular cleaning and staining to protect against weather damage and ensure longevity.

By contrast, a patio requires relatively little maintenance apart from routine cleaning and weeding.

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Deck Benefits

A deck is a great addition to any home, providing an outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining.

For North Carolina homeowners, there are a number of benefits that come with installing a deck vs patio.

These include an increase in property value, more space to enjoy the outdoors, and cost savings compared to other improvements.

Decks can also be customized to fit any budget or style preference.

With so many advantages, adding a deck to your North Carolina home could be just the improvement you need.

deck vs patio

Let Us Help with Your Outdoor Living Project

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1. Privacy & Shade

One of the key advantages of having a deck is the privacy and shade that it offers. 

Many homeowners enjoy spending time outside…

But they also want to have some level of privacy from their neighbors or passersby on the street. 

A deck can provide this privacy, especially if it’s built with high walls or screens.

Additionally, a deck can offer a shaded area for relaxation during hot summer days. 

The sun can be intense and uncomfortable at times.

But with a properly constructed deck, you’ll have an outdoor space where you can sit back and relax without worrying about getting sunburned or overheated. 

It’s also worth noting that decks are incredibly versatile in terms of design and function. 

You could add umbrellas, awnings or pergolas to your deck for added protection from the sun.

And don’t forget to wear sunscreen

2. Increased Space

A deck increases the living space of your home. 

It can serve as an extension of your indoor living area.

Or it can serve as a standalone space that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities such as barbecues or sunbathing. 

This means that you have more room for family gatherings or hosting events with friends.

3. Increased Home Value

A well-designed and built deck can increase the resale value of your property by creating an attractive outdoor feature that potential buyers will appreciate. 

This makes it an excellent investment for homeowners who are looking to sell their property in the future.

Even if you’re not planning to sell now, it’s still a good thing to have as an option just in case.

deck vs patio

Patio Benefits

A well-designed patio can provide numerous benefits that make it worth the investment. 

Those benefits are in addition to the obvious mental health benefits of spending more time outside.

And we won’t say anything about how fun barbeques and other events are since you’ve probably already guessed those.

covered seating area

1. Customizable Design

Customizable patio design allows you to tailor your outdoor space to suit your individual needs and preferences

From the materials used in construction to the layout of seating areas, every aspect of your patio can be customized according to your specific desires. 

This means that you can create a unique and functional outdoor living space that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Another benefit of customizable patio design is that it provides flexibility and versatility when it comes to future changes or updates.

2. Cost Efficiency

When it comes to home improvement, many people tend to think that the cost will automatically be high. 

However, with the right approach and materials, you can create an outdoor space that is not only functional but also cost-effective. 

Patios require minimal maintenance compared to other outdoor spaces like gardens or lawns, 

This means less time and money spent on upkeep. 

Patios are also durable and long-lasting.

So you won’t need to replace them frequently as you would with other materials like wood decking or concrete slabs.

Additionally, patios provide a great return on investment (ROI) if you decide to sell your home in the future.

3. Low Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned already, patios require pretty minimal maintenance and upkeep beyond regular cleaning.

One of the main benefits of a low-maintenance patio is the time and effort you save in maintaining it. 

With busy schedules and other household chores to attend, having a patio that does not require constant attention can make life easier. 

Additionally, low-maintenance patios are often made from durable materials such as concrete, brick or stone.

This means they last longer than decks or wooden structures that need regular upkeep.

Another advantage of having a low-maintenance patio is that it enhances your home’s curb appeal. 

A well-designed patio complements your house exterior while providing an attractive entertainment area for family and guests.

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There Are No Bad Options

Of course none of these benefits we listed for patios or decks are necessarily exclusive to one or the other.

And you really can’t go wrong with either.

The most important things to take into account are your terrain, climate, and budget.

If you keep those 3 things in mind, you’ll surely be able to make the right choice.

And if you need any more help deciding, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! 🙂

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