23 Modern Pergola Ideas For 2022

By Zach

One of the hottest home trends for summer 2022 is pergolas. These versatile beauties are on the rise, with many people discovering just how much value and function they can add to a property.

Here we’ll look at 23 unique and modern pergola ideas, how to style them, and the specific appeal of each.

Malibu Curtained Pergola

Malibu curtains

For a contemporary look, this pergola starts with a wooden base. Add crisp, white drapes hung from hooks and pulled back with silver chains. Style four, cube-shaped chairs with woven cushions to add texture.

Choose a rug with a simple geometric pattern and throw pillows in both neutral colors and aztec prints. With the four grounding planters above, the look will be complete. And this look would really work for any backyard, not just a Malibu beachfront property.

Jacuzzi Pergola

jacuzzi pergola

Even just a simple pergola like this one is a beautiful, practical way to shade and protect your jacuzzi whether it is built into the deck or freestanding. It adds visual interest and character to your outdoor space, and using neutral colors keeps the focus on the greenery and landscaping. Flanked by two large planters, it’s the perfect way to relax after a long, hard day.



The aroma of wisteria ranges from musky to sweet, and this is an exceptional option to grow on your outdoor pergola. The flowers are stunningly brilliant purple and lavender.

In the first few years, allow the lateral branches to grow naturally. As it becomes healthier in year two, prune or pinch the laterals and continue to string up horizontal growth. 

Casual Picnic Gathering

casual pergola

This pergola is porch-style and provides a shaded place to picnic while also providing an expansive view of the surrounding property. Picture a detached pergola with four posts, and slats overhead. You can achieve the picnic concept with porch-style seating, picnic tables, and benches. This openness invites guests to come and go as they please, and is a great option for by the pool. Strings of Edison lights strung from the top would add a touch of whimsy.

Dream Pergola With Daybed

dream Modern Pergola

If you want to relax or sleep in the peaceful outdoors, consider this floating daybed. Imagine taking in the sunrise, reading a good book, or sleeping under the stars on this dream bed. Pile on a low-profile mattress, lots of pillows, and throws for maximum comfort making for one of the best modern pergola ideas. Then add LED twinkle lights for nighttime beauty, or if you really want to get crazy, use color-changing strands.

Modern Contrast

Modern Pergola Ideas

You may or may not have property on the ocean, but this style is on-trend for summer 2022, especially if you have a lake view. Sherwin Williams’ color for 2022 is Urbane Bronze, and closely resembles the color of the edgy, black matte metal above. Overall, it provides a beautiful contrast of the blue skies, white, fluffy clouds, and the clean black lines of the posts.

Thatched Roof Pergola

thatched roof pergola

This one is modeled after a Tahitian hut, with the roof made of thatch, and open, wicker furniture, making you feel that you’ve traveled to Polynesia. Adding tropical plants like potted palms and plumeria will create an island effect.

Summer In The Hamptons

hamptons pergola

You don’t have to live in the Hamptons to feel like you do! The colorscape is key in achieving the wealthy, New England look of this destination. The white, wooden roof provides an eco-friendly, contrasting color. Stone steps and pillars bring the look to life with warm tones of gray and wood that complement one another perfectly.

Bali Slatted Pergola

bali slatted pergola

The slanting slats up the side on this pergola creates a cool and relaxing shade effect for hot summer afternoons. The time of day you want to avoid the sun will dictate what side of your seating area you will build this (east or west). Picture hanging lanterns, pillows, white linens and cushions, and greenery that are local to your climate.


grape vine pergola

One of life’s greatest pleasures is relaxing underneath a grape arbor, especially on a hot, summer Saturday with a glass of iced tea. Practically, you’d want to plan to spend one year training the vines and the second-year pruning. In addition to being ornamental, you can use the grapes for winemaking, eating, and juicing.

Urban Rooftop Pergola

urban rooftop pergola

This is a simple concept that will make a big impact on your rooftop. Walk out to this private space to meditate, read, work, drink margaritas on Taco Tuesday, or dine outside on summer nights. A water feature, space for yoga mats, and large planters would bring the space together.

English Garden Inspired Pergola

English garden pergola

Transform your yard into a peaceful, English garden this summer with a full, flowering pergola. Granted it will take time and hard work to achieve. Behind those vines and blooms is supportive latticework. Adirondack chairs, a coffee table, and tea with biscuits, and a good friend are all that’s missing.

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Welcoming Entrance

welcoming entrance

How quaint and welcoming this simple pergola is! Imagine your guests (or even yourself!) being greeted by this simple, yet homey archway tied in with the landscaping and a picket fence.

Grillmaster Pergola

grill master

This layout is inspired by Asian cuisine, with the chef grilling on the bottom level, but the focal point nonetheless, and the seating on the next level up. This is an interactive way to cook and entertain, and when the dining takes place it will be far enough away from the heat of the cooktop or grill. And the best part is that there is no inside cleanup/dishes at the end of the night. This is one of the best modern pergola ideas.

Sunny Slide Shade Pergola

sunny slide shade

This casual option is ideal for a space that gets a lot of sun during the day, but has beautiful views at dawn, dusk, and after the sun goes down. It has four posts and a retractable shade. When the sun is out, you can extend the shades over your pergola with the click of a remote. When it’s cool and time to take in the mountains, desert, starlight, or whatever your view, use the remote to retract the shades. Now you can enjoy your outdoor living space at any time of the day.

Northeastern Pergola

north eastern

This cozy pergola has everything that is needed to enjoy a northeastern autumn night. Add cushioned armchairs and couches, a low-sitting coffee table, and comfy throw blankets. Finish this cozy space off with a chiminea, mini-fridge, and grill to provide warm, hearty meals and beverages on crisp, fall evenings.

Musician’s Stage

music stage

If you’re a musician who wants to play in their backyard or a music lover who wants to host backyard concerts, a pergola is a great spot for shows! No fee for a venue, hardly any overhead, and an intimate feel that you simply can’t get with large-scale music performances. You could style it in a way that is cohesive with your style of music.

Grecian Pillared Pergola

Grecian Pillared

This luxurious pergola is reminiscent of a sitting room in the Grecian countryside, with the domineering columns grounding the space. Envision a large stone fireplace at one end of the space, and white chairs and a couch with clean lines facing one another at the other end.

Wet Bar Awning

wet bar Modern Pergola Ideas

Your outdoor entertaining space will be a welcome area for all of your guests. Creating a bar with natural rugged stone and marble countertops topped with a warm wood pergola defines a bar area. Creating a separate space for beverages breaks up the flow, keeps guests moving, and prevents bottlenecking at any one spot in your outdoor space. 

Matching a pergola with a custom outdoor patio design can really take your outdoor living space to the next level as well. You can check out some great design ideas on our post about top patio design ideas

Orchard Pergola

orchard pergola

If you live in an orchard, or in the south amidst lemon and lime trees, or in wine country, a pergola is beautiful in any of these settings. Once incorporated, it will feel as if it has always existed. Picture a large farmhouse table, brass candelabras of varying heights, and you can entertain with little planning/expense in your oasis hidden in the vines.

Hang Around

hammock pergola

The ultimate way to achieve comfort in a pergola is to hang a hammock between two posts. You can relax in the cool shade enjoying reading a book, listening to podcasts or music, napping, or chatting with friends. There will be plenty of room to add seating, making the space versatile. One final touch to incorporate is growing jasmine at each corner of the pergola. It grows incredibly quickly, is simply beautiful, and smells wonderful. In a matter of years, you’ll be surrounded by the sweet-smelling white blooms.

Fireplace Feature

Fire place area

How cozy would this be on a weekend with friends in your backyard? Stretch outdoor time into fall and winter by installing a fireplace like this, or even a simple fire pit of bricks. The table, long bench, and modern light fixtures will make this a complete additional living space for your home.

Curtained Pergola

Beat the summer heat by adding simple curtains to your pergola. You’ll love light, airy ones like above. The sheer quality filters the sun without making it feel that you’re in a claustrophobic box. As the weather becomes cooler, these will keep the wind at bay and allow you more evenings and weekends outside. Curtain tiebacks are inexpensive and a must-have.

Which Pergola Will You Build?

As you can see, your options are pretty much endless when it comes to the design and styling of your pergola. Whether you want a private space or a place to gather with friends, there’s a pergola for you. 

Hope you enjoyed checking out these modern pergola ideas!

So what type of pergola will you build?

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